But Can We Work Together, Though? Podcast Debut

RRC’s Nicole Lavonne Smith and her RJ work partner, Suzanne Hitchman, introduced a new podcast that focuses not so much on RJ, but more on their experiences building an authentic friendship across the Black-White divide. Listen to BCWT podcast’s debut episodes here.


Nicole and Suzanne met in 2016 as they embarked on a four-year implementation of racial and equity-centered Restorative Justice (RJ) initiatives in two separate Brooklyn public schools in collaboration with the Department of Education and Brooklyn Community Foundation. Currently, Suzanne and Nicole consult both as a team and individually to push the limits of Restorative Justice as a tool to fight against racism, marginalization, and dominating white culture, both structurally and interpersonally within communities, schools, and organizations. Their work centers the needs of those most marginalized, and utilizes restorative practices to tap into our nature to be in community, to address individual and collective needs, dismantle power constructs, strengthen relationships, increase accountability and support healing.