Book, Colorizing Restorative Justice, has made its debut

RRC member Rochelle Arms Almengor, along with 19 other BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) restorative justice practitioners and thinkers contributed to the much anticipated book, Colorizing Restorative Justice: Voicing Our Realities. The book was released in Summer 2020, and since then has garnered a lot of attention from the restorative justice North American community. Authors have made numerous appearances on social media, podcasts, webinars, book talks, and conferences since the book was released. Rochelle recently appeared in the Zehr Institute’s webinar featuring several authors. In addition, she has spoken about her chapter at the National Association for Community and …

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RRC Members from NYC and Guatemala presented at the Association for Conflict Resolution virtual conference

As an expanded version of our presentation at the PJSA, in October a few of us shared about our PAR project work through the Association for Conflict Resolution, or ACR. See here for the full conference program. Presenters were: William Evans, Skye Roper-Moses, Flor Garcia Mencos, Lucia Estacuy, and Rochelle Arms Almengor.

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RRC Members Presented at Peace and Justice Studies Association Conference

Nicole Lavonne Smith, William M. Evans and Rochelle Arms Almengor presented the work of the RRC to date at the Peace and Justice Studies Association virtual conference on Saturday September 26 at 1 p.m. ET. Check out details here: The PJSA virtual conference will go for 3 months through November. Each month is dedicated to a different overarching theme, and September’s was Restorative Justice. Check out the RRC Instagram page for some video highlights of our panel presentation:

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But Can We Work Together, Though? Podcast Debut

RRC’s Nicole Lavonne Smith and her RJ work partner, Suzanne Hitchman, introduced a new podcast that focuses not so much on RJ, but more on their experiences building an authentic friendship across the Black-White divide. Listen to BCWT podcast’s debut episodes here. Background: Nicole and Suzanne met in 2016 as they embarked on a four-year implementation of racial and equity-centered Restorative Justice (RJ) initiatives in two separate Brooklyn public schools in collaboration with the Department of Education and Brooklyn Community Foundation. Currently, Suzanne and Nicole consult both as a team and individually to push the limits of Restorative Justice as …

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New York Restorative Justice Listserv

With the help of John Jay College’s technology desk, RRC set up and kicked off New York’s first restorative justice listserv. This tool will allow RJ practitioners to co-create and communicate directly with one another. It also offers an entrance to the restorative movement for those who are just learning about it or considering how to integrate it in their work and life. To request to join the NYRJ listserv, go here.

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What We’re Up To

RRC members are currently researching the impacts of historical trauma on restorative justice practice, both the ways in which these traumas enhance and impede our work with participants in the spaces we hold. We use talking circles, literature reviews, journaling, reflective practice in pairs and interviews in order to better understand our topic. Our work is conducted via a Participatory Action Research approach, a democratic research process where participants (traditionally “subjects”) take the lead in selecting study topics that are relevant for us and also carrying out that study in collaboration with academics and other helpers as needed.

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